Monday, March 16, 2015


Hi, class,

I am also providing you with basic database searching instructions--you will find this helpful for Essay #2, and it will be of even greater assistance to you when you begin work on the research paper in April.

Here are the instructions (the emphasis here is on the Literature Resource Center—LRC, as an example). To access The Literature Resource Center, and Contemporary Authors/Literary Criticism Select/Dictionary of Literary Biography, go to:

The password is: county

Click "Proceed"

Click on Literature Resource Center - LRC
1) When you get to the search box (FIND), just type in your search terms:


  • wheatley AND africa
  • equiano AND slavery
  • irving AND rip van winkle 
  • samson occom AND native americans

2) under “publication century,” CLICK “21st century A.D.” 

3) under “by content type,” UNCHECK all the boxes EXCEPT “Literature Criticism”

4) Make sure “All electronic sources” is highlighted (it is the default).

5) Then CLICK “Search” (next to where your search terms were entered).

Several articles will come up--skim through to see if you find some suitable articles. If you cannot find articles that work, try using other search terms. Click on the ones you think might be suitable, and email them to yourself, or download them. You only need to find a few relevant quotes for Essay #2.

In addition, there are many books on the authors we have studied accessible from the Essex County College Library. For books, you may use works (biographies, collected essays, etc.) published no earlier than the year 2000. Look for the book using the call letters. If you cannot find the books you want to use in the stacks, ask the reference librarian for assistance. You also have access to the Rutgers-Newark Library with your ID card, so feel free to access articles from their resources.

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